How will the customer be charged?

Movers charge for labor, moving truck usage,
travel time 
and moving/packing materials used for the move. All of these charges must be filed with the local state agency (D.O.T. – Department of Transportation) and the moving company is not allowed to charge more or less than the field rates (tariff).


You pay an hourly rate for each member of the moving crew – the clock begins when the movers reach the job
(your old address, typically) and stops when they have finished at your new address.


Your moving truck or moving van is also charged for by the hour. Keep in mind, you need a truck designed to move household goods, not freight. If there are any toll charges, they will be added to the overall costs of your move.

TRavel time

This charge covers the mover's cost for returning to the facilities from the destination after the move is complete. Generally this charge equals one-half hour to one hour of the labor costs and moving truck costs.


This is the charge for packing materials - boxes, crates, bubble wrap, tape, packing paper, moving blankets or any state-of-the-art moving equipment provided by the moving company before or during the moving process.

Getting ready for your move

Before the move

Our professional movers can handle any amount of packing that you do not want to handle yourself. 
However, it’s a good idea to pack as much as you possibly can before the day of the move.
To get started, check out our Buy Boxes section – upon request, you can have boxes delivered
to your home so that you can start packing. Box delivery is free* and we even offer free moving
boxes for our customers.

Moving day

When we arrive at your location, the moving crew will finish packing unpacked items such as electronics,
pictures, mirrors, lamps and antiques. We will wrap and pad your furniture, crate the necessary items and
disassemble any furniture that needs it for the move.

Once your belongings have been loaded and secured in the moving truck they will be delivered to your
new home. As a convenience for you – the moving crew will unwrap, unpack and setup your furniture unless
otherwise requested. 
Don't delay - Request a quote for packing, moving, box delivery & loading services from
our professional movers today

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